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The Records of John Dickson and Son

Since the business of John Dickson and Son was founded in 1820, we have been sequentially numbering and recording the details of the guns and rifles we produce. Whilst not all records have survived and details are limited in some cases, the records give a wonderful insight into guns and rifles of their time and who ordered them.

Should you be interested in tracing the history of your gun we can create a Provenance Letter which provides a transcript of the specification of the gun as it was originally completed, when it was delivered, who it was made for (with a narrative on the owner if possible), a photograph of the record entry and some information on Dickson's in that year of business.

We charge £55 for this service and it is supplied as a one-page digital Provenance Letter which is emailed as a PDF document. Digital Provenance Letters will be sent out between 7-10 working days from receipt of payment.

Over the years the business of John Dickson and Son has amalgamated with a number of the other great Scottish gun and rifle makers and, where possible, has acquired their records.

We have records for:

  • - James MacNaughton and Sons
  • - Alexander Henry
  • - Alex Martin
  • - Mortimer & Son
  • - William Garden

As the records are not as comprehensive as the Dickson ones, we charge £45 for a digital Provenance Letter for these gunmakers.

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