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William Horton of Glasgow, made in 1912

12 Gauge, A & D Ejector, side by side Shotgun


We are very pleased to offer this vintage boxlock ejector by William Horton of Glasgow, the current firm of Horton gunmakers confirming the gun was likely made in 1912.

The action is plain and border engraved but has some nice Horton attributes such as hand-pin retainer pin and fore-end wood knuckle retainer pin, both there to ensure import parts don't shake loose out in the field. The gun is fitted with a well figured stock which is finished off with a 1 inch ebonite extension.

The gun benefits from having just had a full service, strip and clean and the wood has been gently cleaned and re-polished, the chequering cleaned out and the furniture re-blacked. The barrels are are in fine condition inside and out and benefit from a re-proof in 1962.

This gun will be perfectly suitable for standard steel 2 1/2in cartridges.

  • Price: £1250
  • Action: Anson & Deeley, third bite, top lever with Scott spindle and Purdey bolt, rocker safety and Anson push-rod fore-end.
  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length : 28in
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in
  • Proof: Birmingham Nitro Re-Proof at .729 in 1962 
  • Bores:  .733 (R) &  734. (L)
  • Walls: .030 (R) & .032 (L)
  • Chokes :  Cylinder (R) &  3/4 (L)
  • Ejectors: Yes, Southgate type 
  • Stock dimensions: Drop at comb 1 5/8in, Drop at heel 2 1/4in, 14 5/16in at heel, 14 1/4in to centre, 14 5/8in at toe 
  • Cast Off: 1/2in
  • Weight: 6lb 4oz
  • Location: Dunkeld

William Horton of Glasgow

William Horton was born in 1826 in Birmingham and, after an apprenticeship with William Ford gunmakers, was later recorded as a stocker at 13 Moat Row, Smithfield, Birmingham. In 1857 he took on additional premises at 8 Steelhouse Lane, which became his principal offices. In 1863, they moved to 29 Union Street, Glasgow where William worked again as a stocker to the trade.

By 1865 William was now trading as a gunmaker and was supplied by action and barrels sets made in Birmingham initially by his two brothers Joseph Horton (Barrels) and another Joshua Horton (Actioner) who were situated in Bagot St, Birmingham. The Scottish Horton guns were then filed and finished to suit the Scottish market of the day. William also retailed fishing tackle, but fishing tackle making ceased in about 1870 although the firm continued to sell it. 

At some time after 1875 the firm opened an additional shop at 11 Royal Exchange Square, and this became their principal address in about 1833, when the Union Street shop closed. In about 1889 William opened a branch at 31 Port Street, Stirling and his son, Gilbert, managed this branch which retailed guns and fishing tackle. In about 1897 the Stirling address changed to 35 Murray Place but it closed in about 1900.

By 1900 the firm had moved to 98 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, with separate workshops first at 11 Princes Square and then at 64 Osborne Street. They also had a shooting ground on the outskirts of Glasgow at Lethamhilll.

The 1901 census records William as a retired gun maker and fishing tackle dealer living in Glasgow, with his wife and some of their family. The Glasgow operation continued under the management of Oliver Horton, William's son and in 1913 the Glasgow shop and workshops moved to 199 Buchanan Street. The firm closed in 1924, the stock being sold to Alex Martin to pay the dowries of Oliver's two daughters. 

In 2012, Steve Horton, a direct descendant of William Horton, re-established the family business under the name W. Horton & Son (Gunmakers) Ltd. in Birmingham.