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Joseph Harkom & Son, made in 1895

12 Gauge, A & D Ejector, side-by-side shotgun


We are very pleased to offer this beautiful classic boxlock gun by Joseph Harkom of Edinburgh. These best Harkom A & D guns were built in very small numbers and so it is a rarity for us to have one for sale. The action has the characteristic Harkom treble-grip action with carved serpentine fences, intercepting sears and gold wash inside. 

The gun has its original 2 1/2in chambered damascus barrels, which have been shortened to 27in but also has an additional pair of newer 27in steel 2 3/4in chambered barrels, which were added by the makers in 1976 and still measure as the day they were proved. The stock is well-figured and finished with a recently fitted new Silvers recoil pad, the fore-end wood has the traditional Harkom diamond panel chequering.

In order to prepare the gun for sale we have given the gun a full service, strip and clean and the stock and fore-end wood has been sympathetically cleaned, the chequering cleaned out and the stock re-oiled. The barrels have had their engraving re-cut and have been re-blacked/re-browned, and we have re-laid the ribs on the steel barrels and re-joined both barrel sets. Finished in a Harkom double leather case which accommodates both sets of barrels.

  • Price: £5750
  • Action: Anson & Deeley, top lever with Scott spindle and Purdey bolt, treble grip, intercepting sears, rocker safety and Anson push-rod fore-end.
  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length: 27in (Damascus) & 27in (Steel)
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in (Damascus) & 2 3/4in (Steel)
  • Proof: London Nitro Proof at .729 (Damascus) & Birmingham Nitro Proof at .729 (Steel)
  • Bores:  .738 (R) & .736 (L) (Damascus) & .729 (R) & .729 (L) (Steel)
  • Walls: .023 (R) & .022 (L) (Damascus) & .036 (R) & .036 (L) (Steel)
  • Chokes :  IMP CYL (R) & CYL (L) (Damascus) & IMP CYL (R) & 1/4 (L) (Steel)
  • Ejectors: Yes, Deeley box type
  • Stock dimensions: Drop at comb 1 5/8in, Drop at heel 2 3/8in, 14 15/16in at heel, 14 7/8in to centre, 15 1/4in at toe 
  • Cast Off: 1/2in
  • Weight: 6lb 14oz (both barrels)
  • Location: Dunkeld

Joseph Harkom

Joseph Harkom was born in 1808 in London, he was the son of Joseph Harkom, a gun maker who worked for one of the London gunmakers. Joseph was apprenticed to his father, probably from 1822 to 1829, and it may be that he continued working with him up to 1836.

In early 1837, he married Mary Ann Henry, and they moved to Edinburgh where Joseph established his business at 15 Leopold Place. By 1838 the business had moved to 30 Abbeyhill and then soon after to 31 West Register Street where Joseph also took a lease on the premises behind this property which was at 32 Princes Street.

In 1842 a son, Joseph Mark Harkom was born, he was destined to become a bank clerk, and later a teller, and did not join the business. However, in 1844 a second son, Henry, was born and in 1846 John was born, both joined the firm. In about 1856 the business moved to 32 Princes Street.

In 1870 Henry Harkom was made a partner in the firm which then traded as Joseph Harkom & Son. In about 1872 John was made a partner, the firm being re-named Joseph Harkom & Sons but this last change of name has not been confirmed.

The firm's top quality guns, the best of which which equaled London "Best" guns, were made in Edinburgh. Lower quality guns were made in Birmingham but finished in Edinburgh. Boxlocks made from the late 1870s were distinguished from those of other makers by their high squared and "Bow" shaped fences. In 1871 the firm employed 11 "hands", the 1881 census states 6 men and 3 boys.

On 8 February 1891 Joseph Harkom died and Henry took over the business which moved to 30 George Street. By 1922 it appears that Henry had retired and the firm was sold to Mortimer & Son, Henry died in 1923. In 1938 Mortimer & Son was bought by John Dickson & Son.