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John Dickson & Son Round-Action made in 1904 - Re-manufactured

12 gauge, patent triggerplate action, side-by-side shotgun

This is an opportunity to obtain a bespoke gun and go through the stages of building a gun to your specification but with reduction in waiting time and cost over a new gun build.

We are offering this vintage action from 1904 in a re-manufactured specification

  • New chopper-lump barrels fitted to your specification - length, choke and Steel proof if required
  • A new stock and fore-end with your choice of stock blank
  • New internal springs and pins where necessary, all new pins externally
  • New gold wash to protect the internal components
  • All engraving picked-up where necessary on furniture
  • Best colour hardening reapplied to protect and enhance the external surfaces of the gun    

If this is a journey you would be interested in going on, please get in touch.


  • Price: £35,000
  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length: TBA
  • Chambers: 2 3/4in
  • Proof: London Steel Proof
  • Chokes: TBA
  • Stock Length: TBA
  • Weight: TBD