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John Dickson & Son Boxlock, made in 1901

12 Gauge, A & D Non-Ejector, side-by-side shotgun


This Anson & Deeley non-ejector gun was delivered in 1901, but it is not one of the usual Dickson boxlocks that were made in the trade and retailed by Dickson's. This gun was made in the Edinburgh workshop as it contains a number of components that clearly came from the Round-Action parts bin.  

Built on a P. Webley & Son action, the action is beautifully shaped and all internal components have a mirror-finish to them. The action has a delicate scroll engraving which is no doubt the work of Sumner, with 'John Dickson & Son' engraved on the side of the action. The gun is fitted with a figured stock with very fine chequering on the wrist and fore-end.

The 29in barrels and integral loop and keel rib, are two aspects of a typical pair of Round-Action barrels and the barrels are reverse choked, the right barrel being the tighter choked, again, a setup that we usually see on a grouse gun. The barrels measure very well and the bores are unmarked inside and out.

In order to prepare the gun for sale we have given the gun a full service, strip and clean and the stock and fore-end wood has been sympathetically cleaned and re-oiled. The barrels have had their engraving re-cut and have been re-blacked, all furniture has been re-blacked and the pins blued.

  • Price: 
  • Action: Anson & Deeley, dolls head extension, top lever with Scott spindle and Purdey bolt, Anson push-rod fore-end 
  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Material: steel
  • Barrel Length : 29in
  • Chambers: 2 1/2in
  • Proof: London Nitro Proof at 12 (.729)
  • Bores: .733 (R) & .733 (L)
  • Walls: .0  (R) & .0 (L)
  • Chokes :  1/2 (R) & CYL (L)
  • Ejectors: No
  • Stock dimensions: 1 5/8in drop at comb, 2 9/16in drop at heel, 14 1/2in at heel, 14 7/16in to centre, 14 13/16in at toe 
  • Cast Off: 3/8in
  • Weight: 6lb 10oz
  • Location: Dunkeld

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