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SOLD - John Dickson & Son Round-Action, made in 1924

12 Gauge, patent triggerplate action, side-by-side shotgun, 2 barrel set

This classic Round-Action was delivered in September 1924 with 28in steel barrels. Marked with Patent Use Number 1609, its the 1609th patent-gun made in the Round-Actions 139 year history. The action has the traditional bouquet and scroll engraving for the period and is fitted with a well figured stock finished off with a 1/2in horn heelplate.

The original barrels have been sleeved to 27in but the gun benefits from an additional pair of new chopper-lump 30in barrels by Dickson's, made at a cost of £10,000.

The gun comes fitted in a makers full oak and leather case holding both sets of barrels.

We can see from the records that the original owner subsequently took delivery of another gun to match this one in 1931. The gentleman was from St. Andrews in Fife and a distinguished Oxford graduate working in British India and in his early years was a notable sports person, representing and later captaining the Scottish national team at rugby union.


  • Gauge: 12
  • Barrel Length 1: 27in (sleeved)
  • Barrel Length 2: 30in (new barrels by maker)
  • Chambers: 2 3/4 inches
  • Proof: London Nitro Proof
  • Chokes Barrel 1: Imp. Cyl (R) & Imp. Cyl (L)
  • Chokes Barrel 2: 3/4 (R) & 3/4 (L)
  • Stock Length: 14 9/16in to center
  • Cast OFF: 3/8in
  • Weight: 6lb 10oz